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Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Is whitening teeth safe?

    Is whitening teeth safe?

    Teeth whitening is absolutely safe provided you use quality whiteners and are under the professional control. Your teeth may become mildly sensitive to warm and cold conditions but it is a short term side effect without any consequences.

  • Why is it important to restore lost teeth?

    Why is it important to restore lost teeth?

    Lack of a tooth can lead to bone athropy. The neighbouring teeth, then, tend to close the empty space by leaning towards each other. So they lose their function, which affects chewing ability. The shape of face is deteriorated, especially when front teeth are missing. This also leads to speech sound disorder. Another function of teeth is to support lips and cheeks, but with teeth missing, a person can look older and more wrinkled as well as face psychological problems like insecurity or lack of self-confidence.

  • What is caries?

    What is caries?

    Tooth decay is ont the most widly spread oral deseases nowadays. There is hardly an adult or a child who does not have at least one tooth filling. Dental caries occures when a low level of pH causes demineralization or softening of dental hard tissue. Bacteries, then, continue to decompose the softened enamel which leads to a hole called a cavity.

  • What is tartar?

    What is tartar?

    Tartar is a mineralized plaque. Due to inadequate oral hygiene plaque grows on the sides of teeth allowing minerals from saliva to build up. These layers become hard and are impossible to be removed by sheer brushing. Tartar ususlly build up near the ducts of big saliva glands – on the inner surfaces of the lower teeth and on the buccal surfaces of the upper molar teeth.

  • What dental implants are the best?

    What dental implants are the best?

    Nowadays there is a wide choice of dental implants. The ones with the longest tradition and the most developed research centres are Straumann and Nobel. Decades of develepement, research and extraordinary results follow these two manufacturers, which also justifies their high prices. However, the other less expensive dental implants also have great results and they give a lifelong guarantee for their products. Amoung them are Alpha Bio, Neodent, Bredent, BioHorizon and others.

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