Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects misaligned teeth as well as the position of jaws throughout the age of growing-up and even later. The most common orthodontic problems are: overbite, progenia (underbite), open bite and crowding. They are treated by fixed or removable appliences and what orthodontic approach will be chosen depends on diagnosis, the age of a patient and their financial capacity.


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Removable appliences

Their basic characteristic is that they can be removed and washed. They are made according to the plaster model of patien’s teeth. The patient can choose the colour of the appliance. Also, they are given the key so that thay can move the metal parts by themselves which is also controlled by the orthodontists.

Fixed appliences

Orthodontist places this appliance onto the teeth and it cannot be removed during the treatment. It consists of brackets, bands and wires. Brackets are glued to the front of the teeth and are connected with an arch wire. Tightening the arch makes the teeth move to their proper position.Fixed applienceis can be of different materials and coloures. Metal appliencies have better mechanical characteristics, they are more efficient but with less aesthetic effect. White appliencies (acrylic, plastic, ceramic) are aesthetically more effective but their mechanical and rotational characteristics are poorer.